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P.O. Box 14
Kingfield, ME 04947

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Guidelines for Submitting Paper Dolls to OPDAG

Members are encouraged to create a paper doll in the theme of each issue.
Both amateur & professional work is accepted. Please submit clean, neat work.
Starting in 2020, OPDAG is merging with Paperdoll Review
Theme art will be displayed in Paperdoll Review as space allows.

You must be a current subscriber to submit paper doll art.

Upcoming Themes & Deadlines:

Stripes: Jan. 31, 2021
The Silent Screen: April 30, 2021
Accessories: July 31, 2021

Looking ahead: Regency Romance

Click here for our list of past themes.

Theme Submission Guidelines:

1. Paper dolls may be done in the medium of your choice. Please send neat, clean art: use a light box to do final inking or drawing, remove or white-out paste-up lines, and use neat hand lettering or computer lettering.

2. 8 1/2 x 11 format required. Please fit your paper doll on one or two pages. Most likely only one page will be shown, so please keep that in mind when designing your paper doll. Be aware that we may change your layout to suit the space in an issue.

3. Do not fold! Please send flat.

4. Sign your first and last name on your art, and put your name and address on the back (make sure the ink doesn’t show through to the front). Include e-mail and web address if desired. If your work is for sale, please include price and shipping information.

5. There is no jurying of any kind, although we may limit the number of items shown. We will consider showing celebrity paper dolls as editorial content for theme art, however, OPDAG recommends the artist secure rights before offering the work for sale.

6. All artwork submitted will be kept by OPDAG unless return postage and packaging is provided.

7. If you have background information or a story relating to your paper doll, we'll include it as space allows.

8. While our issues are now in full color, we are still happy to receive b&w line art paper dolls.

Sending Artwork:

All artwork submitted will be kept by OPDAG unless return postage and packaging is provided. Artists must accept full responsibility for copyright of images depicted in their paper doll art. OPDAG assumes no responsibility.

Please send artwork via first class or priority mail to:

P.O. Box 14
Kingfield, ME 04947

We really hate to see artists spend extra money to send their work via overnight delivery to meet a deadline, so please note that there is a grace period following each deadline. So if artwork comes in a little late, most likely we can still include it in the publication. If you need to send artwork via Fed Ex or UPS, please contact Jenny at 800-290-2928 for a street delivery address.

Sending digital files for theme art:

Scan pages at full size (8.5 x 11), 300 dpi, and save as jpg.
Contact us via email or call 800-290-2928 for electronic submission options.

We look forward to seeing your paper doll art!

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