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Issue 119, 2018
Elizabeth Taylor

This very exciting issue celebrates the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor! A star who dazzled us for decades, Liz Taylor inspired dozens artists to create paper dolls and costumes representing her life and career from her childhood roles in National Velvet and Lassie Come Home to her epic portrayal of Cleopatra, to her stage work and public appearances, and her many wedding dresses! On display in this big, 60-page edition are 31 Elizabeth Taylor paper dolls and 10 pages of dress-a-doll costumes for the lovely Liz doll drawn by David Wolfe. David also offers an in-depth article on this legendary star. 45 artists contributed to this very special issue!

We also have a terrific "Logic in Drawing" article from Marilyn Henry, a featured artist spotlight on Melissa Smith, a preview of the upcoming 2018 Seattle Paper Doll Convention, a fun look at movies and TV shows that inspire paper doll artists, and more! Cover paper doll by Melissa Smith.

Cover Paper Doll by Melissa Smith

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Issue 118, 2017
Vamps & Villains

An entertaining and informative issue filled with 45 marvelous paper dolls of vamps and villains, created by 29 artists! Featured artist Julie Allen Matthews sets the tone with her cover paper doll, a femme fatale waiting to ensnare her next victim. Inside, you'll find silver screen vixens, wicked characters from novels and real life, evil queens, fairy tale villains and much more!

David Wolfe highlights wicked women in film, portrayed by Gene Tierney, Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, Glenn Close and others. And Randy Bryan Bigham spotlights the ultimate movie vamp, Theda Bara, and the trend-setting impact of her fashions.

Five artists (Gregg Nystrom, Ted Menten, Norma Lu Meehan, Karen Hunter and Bruce Patrick Jones) offer tips on getting a good likeness, and we display the costumes submitted for our "Little Rock Red Dress Challenge." Sharry O'Hare gives us a wonderful report of the 2017 Philadelphia Paper Doll Convention, and we have the scoop on the 2018 convention to be held in Seattle, WA. This big, colorful issue is a must-have at just $8! We hope you'll give it a try!

Cover Paper Doll by Julie Allen Matthews

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Issue 117, 2017
Project Paper Doll

Inspired by the design competition show Project Runway, we have a Project Paper Doll theme for this issue. Our artists present a fashion parade of paper dolls featuring their own designs, plus we've got a spectacular dress-a-doll with more than 75 costumes created for three categories: Red Carpet, Sportswear and Unconventional Material. There are elegant gowns, snappy suits and outfits made from postage supplies, flower petals, wrapping paper, Christmas crackers, candy wrappers and garbage bags. Plus costumes inspired by architecture, roses, butterflies, birds, vegetables, lily-of-the valley, and even a potted plant.

Featured on the covers is the brilliant work of Helen Johnson, who has been creating costumes from unconventional sources since the 1970s. Additional examples of her original creations are featured in Kwei-lin Lum's article, "Make Paper Dolls with Unconventional Materials."

David Wolfe tells us about a fashion designer of today, Rei Kawakubo, who has turned fashion into an art form. Rudy Miller reveals her step-by-step process of creating an Audrey Hepburn paper doll. This insight is helpful for artists and interesting for collectors!

Cover by Helen Johnson

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Issue 116, 2016

This razzle dazzle issue kicks off with Broadway chorus girls by our featured artist, Lauren Delaney George. A production designer and miniaturist, we are treated to Lauren's charming creations, including a template to make your own jointed chorus girls. Our artists offer a wide range of paper doll delights, from Broadway-themed films to theatrical productions from as far back as the Ziegfeld Follies to the hot ticket of today, Hamilton.
David Wolfe gives us a brief history of Broadway and a spotlight on Florenz Ziegfeld. Sharry O'Hare tells us about her life in the theatre, and shares treasures from her Broadway-themed paper doll collection. Plus, we have Member Snippets, Showcase of Paper Dolls for Sale, Convention Information and much more. For just $8 an issue, Paper Doll Studio is a bargain, chock full of colorful paper dolls by artists of today!

Cover paper doll by Lauren Delaney George

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Issue 115, 2016

We've got a dandy selection of paper dolls in this super big, super cool issue! More than 30 artists participated in our Menswear theme providing more than 30 paper dolls and 54 dress-a-doll outfits ranging from fancy fashions of yesteryear to classic film styles to functional clothes of today. For our cover, featured artist, Guillem Medina, pays tribute to Clark Gable, and we get to see many examples of his caricature style paper dolls of classic stars including Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, Grace Kelly, Shirley MacLaine and Lucille Ball. David Wolfe spotlights three dandy dressers: Louis XIV, Beau Brummell and the Duke of Windsor. He also offers a review of LA County Menswear Exhibit, and gives us a step-by-step lesson on how he creates a paper doll. Linda Hoerner offers some food for thought for artists, and Linda Ocasio provides a fun-filled report of the 2016 Phoenix Paper Doll Convention. This great big, 64 page, full-color issue is a must-have!

Cover paper doll by Guillem Medina

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Issue 114, 2016
Celebrate the Holidays

Our paper dolls dress up for the holidays! Nearly 30 artists created more than 40 paper dolls with outfits for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July and Halloween. Some paper dolls dress for such holidays as May Day, Groundhog Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Arbor Day, Canada Day and Cinco de Mayo. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know our guest featured artist, Cory Jensen, who created the charming cover paper doll. David Wolfe shares 14 years of his paper doll Christmas cards and also offers a costume drawing challenge. As part of a new how-to series, Judy M Johnson talks about the tools and methods she uses to create a paper doll.

Cover paper doll by Cory Jensen

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Issue 113, 2015

Coco Chanel, the groundbreaking designer of the 20th century, is the focus of this issue with dozens of stylish paper dolls by OPDAG members, a fashion dress-a-doll with more than 75 costumes, and an in-depth article by David Wolfe. The Coco cover design is courtesy of Jim Howard. We also have a piece on painting lace by Brenda Sneathen Mattox and a visit with Amanda Hallay, fashion history professor at LIM College in Manhattan.

Cover paper doll by Jim Howard

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Issue 112, 2015
Favorite Mysteries

This great big 64-page issue is chock full of mystery paper dolls representing literature, TV and movies. The charming cover art by Bev Micucci features Myrna Loy from the classic Thin Man series. Articles include the real-life mystery of Agatha Christie, Hitchcock’s Blondes and Sharry O'Har's Chattanooga Convention report.

Cover paper doll by Beverly Micucci



Issue 111, 2015
Music, Music Music

Delight in the marvelous mélange of musical paper dolls in this glorious edition of Paper Doll Studio! More than 35 artists created 50-plus music themed paper dolls representing traditional songs, famous composers, pop stars, folk singers, girl groups, dancers and lots of musical movie stars. You'll find paper dolls of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda, Dolly Parton, Julie Andrews, Lady Gaga, Cher, Madonna, just to name a few. Plus, our 13-page dress-a-doll feature contains more than 65 fun and fabulous outfits created by more than 30 artists!

David Wolfe puts the spotlight on musical movies' star of stars, Judy Garland; Marilyn Henry provides guidance on how to create reference files; Jenny Taliadoros talks about free classes for creative people; and we also offer inside information on the 2015 paper doll convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Our featured artist, Shannon Finch, gives us a fun rocker girl for the cover paper doll, along with marvelous examples of her retro-fabulous art. This is a great, big, wonderful issue with 64 pages of full color fun!

Cover paper doll by Shannon Finch

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Issue 110, 2014
Fashions 'Round the World

From traditional ethnic costumes to exotic movie clothes to modern fashions of today, more than 30 artists represent countries and regions across the globe. More than 50 paper dolls are on display, showcasing fashions from England, Ireland, France, Denmark, Japan, Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and much more.
Our featured artists is Ted Menten, who created beautiful covers with a fashion model who wears traditional fashions from Hawaii, France, Norway and Mexico.

In David's "Miscasting Call" article, he talks about actors miscast in ethnic roles for classic films. He includes a paper doll of Katharine Hepburn, famously miscast as a Chinese peasant girl in "Dragon Seed." David also offers fitting tips for paper doll costumes.

Kwei-lin Lum shares her recent art and fashion adventures in the Los Angeles area with a piece on encaustic paper dolls and a report on Costume College. And Yvonne Fullingim provides a paper doll and article on "Men in Skirts." Plus we have a glorious 2-page, black-and-white centerfold, "Medieval Fantasy," paper doll by Helen Page for OPDAG members to enjoy.

Cover paper doll by Ted Menten.

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Issue 109, 2014
The Housewife

This big, giant issue features guest artist, Claudine Hellmuth. Her charming cover art beautifully represents the issues theme, The Housewife.

The theme related paper dolls have housewives doing everything from dusting to dancing and everything in between. The dress-a-doll by Eileen Rudisill miller can be dressed in dozens of artists created by OPDAG artists. Yvonne Fullingim has a nice piece on Aprons, and David Wolfe talks about his favorite TV mom, Lucille Ball. Sharry O'Hare offers a super report on the 2014 paper doll convention. We also have a lovely tribute to Tom Tierney with OPDAG editors and members providing their own memories.

Cover paper doll by Claudine Hellmuth.

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Issue 108, 2014
Favorite Films

We're rolling out the red carpet for our most star studded issue ever! Nearly 40 artists provided paper dolls representing all kinds of films, from musicals and romance to mysteries and drama. The 52 full-color pages are sprinkled with stars from the classic cinema such as Leslie Caron, Cyd Charisse, Julie Andrews and Audrey Hepburn, as well as contemporary actors such as Jennifer Lawrence and Karl Urban.

Includes feature articles and paper dolls on West Side Story by Kwei-lin Lum, Gone With the Wind by David Wolfe and Since You Went Away by Marilyn Henry. Other movies getting the paper doll treatment include The Sound of Music, Meet Me in St. Louis, So Dear to my Heart, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lawrence of Arabia, Funny Girl, Ninotchka, An Affair to Remember, Cabaret, The Secret Garden, Death in Venice, The Great Gatsby, The Hunger Games, Rear Window, Peter Pan and so many more! In all, there are around 60 paper dolls appearing in this very special edition. Don't miss out on this mega movie gem!

Cover paper doll of Leslie Caron in "Gigi" by Sandra Vanderpool.



Issue 107, 2014

We are thrilled to present another big, giant 64-page issue of paper dolls! More than 50 artists contributed art for our Queens theme. In addition to royal figures through history, we have princesses, queen bees, queens from playing cards, queen cats and dogs, carnival queens, queens of legend and lore, fairy queens, and even a drag queen or two.

For our dress-a-doll feature, David Wolfe's Queen Elizabeth II has more than 70 new looks in her new wardrobe, ready to cut and dress. David also talks about the films of Queen Elizabeth I and a new paper doll of Cate Blanchette as Queen Elizabeth I. Also on display is Ralph Hodgdon's paper doll of Bette Davis in"The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex."

Brenda Sneathen Mattox provides an article on the real fashions of Queen Elizabeth II. On display are Queen Elizabeth II paper dolls by Ralph Hodgdon and Tom Tierney.

Featured artist, Anita Barbour, depicts Hawaiian Queen Lili‘uokalani for our front and back cover paper doll. Along with her artist bio, Anita provides watercolor tips for artists.

We also have a lively account of the 2013 Los Angeles paper doll convention by first time convention-goer, Sharry O'Hare.

Cover art by Anita Barbour

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Issue 106, 2013
Good Sports

Take me out to the ball game... or tennis court... or golf course. Our paper dolls have wardrobes for a super selection of sports as well as other activities including dancing, skating, fencing and bird watching. Some represent sporting attire of the past, like Jim Howard's "Gentleman Sport" and some imagine the look of sports in the future like Janell Timmons' jazzy baseball uniforms. There are more than 35 colorful, sporty paper dolls in all!

Our featured artist, Karen Hunter, gives us two charming paper dolls representing a spunky young girl of today who is into all kinds of sports and a lovely young lady who wears sporting costumes of yesterday and today.

David Wolfe dazzles us with paper dolls of swimming and skating stars Esther Williams and Sonja Henie along with an article about their careers in sports and cinema. David also reviews his favorite figure drawing books by Andrew Loomis, complete with helpful illustrations. Plus, snippets from readers, editor updates, convention news and more! A colorful extravaganza for paper doll enthusiasts!

Cover art by Linda Hoerner

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Issue 105, 2013
Babies & Children

This is our biggest issue ever with 64 pages of paper dolls, articles, dress-a-doll outfits and more! Our wonderful artists have given us more than 70 kids, from infants to teenagers including child stars, storybook characters and plenty of grandchildren and other young relatives. For our dress-a-doll feature, we have three cute kids, illustrated by Linda Hoerner, and over 150 outfits submitted by members. It's tempting to cut the outfits right out of the magazine and dress the kids.

Other articles and features include a Q&A with cover artist Linda Hoerner, a spotlight on Shirley Temple by David Wolfe, Publishing pointers from Jenny Taliadoros a Kid Art how-to by Michel-Victor Gdanov.

This colorful, glorious issue is a bargain at just $8. Hope you'll give it a try!

Cover art by Linda Hoerner

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Issue 104, 2012
The Circus

Our colorful Circus issue is filled with more than 30 paper dolls of ringmasters, flying ladies, animal trainers, clowns and other characters from the big top. Our featured artist, Dorte Meiling Nielsen, depicts a real circus family on the cover and tells us about her life as a paper doll artist in Denmark. David Wolfe highlights movies of the circus, Evie Fullingim tells the tale of tiger trainer, and Judy M Johnson offers step-by-step instructions on making creative cutwork costumes in the style of her mother, Helen Johnson.

Cover art by Dorte Meiling Nielsen

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Issue 103, 2012
Wedding Bells

We've got a big paper doll wedding celebration in this issue with more than 50 full color wedding-themed paper dolls! Apropos to the theme, our featured artists are an engaged couple: Metztli Escalante and Joseph Mancha. Inspired by the work of famous paper doll artist Tom Tierney, they began creating paper dolls together in art school and continue to collaborate on a wide range of subjects from the fanciful to the macabre.

More than 36 artists contributed paper dolls and articles including a review of Wedding Traditions by Brenda Sneathen Mattox, a look at Wacky Wedding Gowns by Yvonne Fullingim and the many on and off-screen wedding gowns of Elizabeth Taylor by David Wolfe. Also, Kwei-lin Lum gives a report of the Dayton Paper Doll Convention.

Cover art by Metztli Escalante & Joseph Mancha

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Issue 102, 2012
The United States

Following the popularity of our Pink issue, #101, we offer a tribute to the Red, White and Blue in this United States themed issue. Featuring artwork by more than 35 artists, our colorful pages include numerous patriotic paper dolls as well as paper dolls representing all-American activities like sports and beauty pageants. Some paper dolls take a historical approach featuring presidents, first ladies, and fashions of the Colonial era. Several paper dolls spotlight a specific state and some artists gave the patriotic treatment to their favorite movie star.

Also, David Wolfe gives us the history of the Miss America Pageant, Evie Fullingim talks about American fashion designer Claire McCardell, and Marilyn Henry offers advice on painting metallics. And our featured artist is Erin A. Ellis.

Cover art by Erin A. Ellis

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Issue 101, 2012

It's time to think pink in this perfectly pleasing issue of Paper Doll Studio! This is another great big issue with 56 pages of pink inspired paper dolls and fun dress-a-doll outfits. Articles include Brenda's tips on painting pink, Evie Fullingim's look at fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and David Wolfe celebrates the pink-themed film, "Funny Face." Our featured artists, Eileen Rudisill Miller, created a pretty paper doll for the covers and an extra page of clothes inside.

Cover art by Eileen Rudisill Miller



Issue 100, 2011
Flora and Fauna

This is perhaps the most colorful, joyful issue ever with page after page of nature inspired paper dolls based on our theme, Flora and Fauna. Plus: featured artist Darlene Jones, 2011 Philadelphia convention report by Charlotte Whatley, artist tips by Marjorie Sarnat, and David Wolfe talks about nature and high fashion. A truly delightful issue with more than 45 paper dolls by 33 artists of today!

Cover art by Darlene Jones

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  Paper Doll Studio 1950s

Issue 99, 2011
Fads & Fashions of the '50s

From the roller skating carhop to the pearl wearing prepster, our artists have captured a multitude of fads and fashions of the ‘50s in one of our biggest issues ever with 56 pages in FULL COLOR! With more than 40 paper dolls by 31 artists, this issue is an amazing value at just $8! Also included are fun articles on the 1950s and a gorgeous dress-a-doll with nearly 60 outfits illustrated by OPDAG members. Also in this issue, David Wolfe puts the spotlight on sex symbols of the ‘50s, Evie Fullingim tells us about the successful collaboration of Alfred Hitchcock and Edith Head, and Charlotte Whatley spins a tale about the hula hoop. The icing on the cake is our own fashion icon, Jim Howard, whose career in fashion illustration started in the 1950s, working for the prestigious department store, Neiman Marcus.

Cover art by Jim Howard



Fall/Winter 2010 Issue 98
Ancient Civilizations

This could be our best issue ever! Our OPDAG members really stepped up to the plate for this issue, providing a multitude of well-researched paper dolls reflecting ancient civilizations as far back as 3300 BC. We are taken back through time and around the globe with costumes from Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, China, Chili, Peru, Ireland, through Biblical times and even caveman days. David Wolfe shows us Hollywood's take on Ancient Civilizations, and Evie Fullingim tells us about Dyes and Pigments of Ancient Lands. Also, top paper doll artist Marilyn Henry offers tips on working with colored pencil. Our featured artist, Janell Simoni Timmons, tells us about very early civilizations to go with her cover art.

Cover art Janell Simoni Timmons

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